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Our Latest Innovation

HyTemp ACM HyTemp ACM


Introducing HyTemp® H570 HT-ACM, our newest grade of high-performance, sealing elastomer technology that provides excellent long-term resistance to hot, under-the-hood environments. With low temperature flexibility of -40°C (Gehman T100), continuous heat resistance to 175°C, and resistance to excursions approaching 200°C, HyTemp H570 brings temperature ranges previously unavailable in any ACM product!

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Recommended Applications:

Consistent performance in high-heat environments makes HyTemp ideal for automotive engine valve cover gaskets, oil pan gaskets, rocker cover gaskets, and other engine and transmission seals requiring superior sealing force retention in hot oil environments.

Grade Information

Grade%Volume SwellGehman T100 (°C)Mooney ViscositySpecific gravity