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Hydrin® for Fuel Hose Applications

Hydrin-ECOHydrin® for Fuel Hose Applications

ZEON Product(s): Hydrin H55, C2000LL, T3000L, T3105, and PX



Application Description: Fuel hoses are commonly made of layered rubber, reinforced to withstand the pressure generated by fuel systems. Over time, fuel hoses tend to dry out, crack, and leak, causing motor-related performance and safety issues.

Hydrin elastomers find service in a variety of hose applications, including both mono- and multi-layer constructions (pictured below). A common technique in fuel hose construction is to prepare a base layer of thin, high-cost material like FKM and cover it with a main elastomer such as a Hydrin. In these constructions, Hydrin can be used for any of three layers depending on the application service environment. In the example shown, Hydrin C2000 copolymer is the tie layer, a reinforcing braid is applied, and then a Hydrin T3000 type (often T3105) terpolymer grade to act as the cover compound.

Hydrin PX is a proprietary powdered chemical which acts as a cure system and bond promotor between fluoropolymers and polar plastics used in fuel hose inner-tubes. Hydrin compounds using the PX system easily achieve required adhesion strength in even most difficult automotive specifications when bonded with peroxide cured FKM. An additional benefit of the PX system is superior heat aging, up to 150°C, by the stabilizing effect of the PX chemistry.




ZEON Value:

Hydrin enables lower cost fuel hoses compared to other materials and has a unique balance of fuel and oil resistance and high/low temperature resistance (from 135°C down to -50°C) which equates to a tougher, longer lasting fuel hose. The innate tackiness of Hydrin allows for better adhesion and bonding between the layers of multi-layered fuel hoses.

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