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Nipol® NBR

Nipol® nitrile (NBR) elastomers offer a good balance of performance and cost-effectiveness for applications needing fluid resistance, moderate heat resistance, and durability. We offer the broadest portfolio of NBR elastomers of anyone in the industry.

Nipol NBR is classified as a BG-BK polymer according to SAE J200 / ASTM D2000.

The best technical support comes from chemists with years of hands-on experience. Talk to our team about this product today.

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The best technical support comes from chemists with years of hands-on experience. Talk to our team about this product today.

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Heat Resistance to 125°C

ZEON offers a full line of acrylonitrile butadiene polymers (NBR) for both general purpose and specialty applications. Nipol NBR elastomers offer the best balance of performance and cost for applications requiring the most severe oil, heat, and chemical resistance. Nipol NBR nitrile rubber grades best balance of heat resistance, oil resistance, and cost when compared to other elastomers

Broad Offering of Acrylonitrile Content

By varying the acrylonitrile (ACN) content, a good balance of low temperature performance and fuel resistance can be achieved. Nipol NBR is offered at ACN levels ranging from 19% to 50%.

Diverse Portfolio of Products

Nipol NBR elastomers are available in a variety of grades. Not only do the products cover a wide range of ACN levels, but they can be further categorized based on processability (Mooney viscosity) or by differences in polymerization chemistry. Nipol NBR elastomers can be segmented into hot polymers, NBR/PVC, pre-crosslinked grades, carboxylated grades, and more. Nipol NBR elastomers are also available in a variety of forms (powder, crumb, liquid, and bale).

Type of Nipol NBRAvailable Grades
Carboxylated GradesNipol NX775--
Ground ProductsNipol 1401LGFNipol 1472XNipol 1442
Powder ProductsNipol 1411Nipol 1411CDuomod DP5045
NBR/PVC PolyblendsNipol 1203WNNipol DN508SCRNipol DN171Sivic Grades

Many more grades available… See the Grades Tables at the bottom of this page for all the possibilities!

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Expert Technical Advice

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Abrasion Resistance

photo of work boot soles manufactured using nipol nbr nitrile rubber

Carboxylated nitrile rubber (XNBR) is a terpolymer made from the polymerization of acrylonitrile and butadiene monomers with a third, carboxyl-containing monomer. Compared with conventional NBR, XNBR has higher tensile strength, modulus, and hardness, but the key performance advantage is the significant improvement in abrasion resistance. Nipol NX775 utilizes proprietary ZEON technology to offer enhanced scorch safety over other grades of XNBR, allowing for a wider processing window and making it a viable option in difficult to mold parts.

Suggested Grades

Product Grade% ACNMooney ViscositySpecific GravityHot/ColdComment
NX7752735-530.98CScorch Protected

Stator Applications

Nipol 3640S was specifically developed for stator applications in the oil field industry. Nipol 3640S is a low viscosity polymer to aid in processing and also offers improved scorch safety over traditional NBR grades. Zeon later introduced Nipol 4040S, building on the excellent performance of Nipol 3640S but offering improved fluid resistance. Nipol stator grades maximize in-service parameters and are optimized on the relationship between dynamic properties and pumping efficiency. Testing has also shown superior hot water adhesion compared to other available grades.


Product Grade%ACNMooney ViscositySpecific GravityHot/Cold

NBR/PVC Polyblends

NBR and polyvinylchloride (PVC) are highly compatible materials that offer a great balance of properties when blended together properly. This mixing process, called fluxing, is critical in obtaining the best properties possible. Sivic grades of NBR/PVC are fully-fluxed polyblends, which simplify production by eliminating PVC powder handling, simplifying logistics, and freeing up mixing capacity without additional investment. Sivic grades of NBR/PVC are ozone resistant, have excellent physical properties, and are easy to process, making them well suited for use in lay-flat hoses, cable jackets, and printing rollers.

Product GradeNBR/PVC RatioACNViscositySpecific GravityComment
Sivic Z76070/304549-61*1.07
Sivic Z74070/304145-57*1.08
Sivic Z73070/303366-781.06
Sivic Z730M6070/303356-681.06
Sivic Z71170/302862-741.06
Sivic Z711LV70/302857-691.07
Sivic Z700PX70/302659-711.06
Sivic Z70270/302361-731.06
Sivic Z62060/403348-58*1.09
Sivic Z53050/503355-65*1.13
Sivic Z271060/403319-291.09Plasticizer extended, 70phr

*MS (1+4) @ 100°C

Friction Materials

Nipol 1411 and Nipol 1411C are very fine pre-crosslinked and branched 38% ACN NBR powders that differ only by partitioning agent type. The uniform particle size of these grades makes them more effective modifiers than other polymer-based options. While performance improvements are formulation dependent, typical benefits include improved pre-form green strength, increased brake effectiveness, fade resistance and compressibility, as well as other benefits like noise control, crack resistance and overall toughness.

Suggested Grades

Product Grade% ACNTG (°C) Typical ValueMedian Particle Size (µm)Hot/ColdPartitioning Agent
1411C38-19100HCalcium Carbonate

Composite Modification

Jet Turbine Fan Blades

DuoMod DP5045 and DuoMod DP5045F are pre-crosslinked, carboxyl-functional NBR powders that were developed as tougheners for epoxy resins used in high-performance composites. The unique surface morphology and ultra-fine particle size allows for excellent compatibility and optimum dispersion of the powder through the epoxy resin systems without the use of solvents. DuoMod powders will improve interlaminar tack more than other elastomeric or thermoplastic modifiers and users will note a significant increase in fracture toughness, even at low loadings.

Product GradeTG (°C) Typical ValueMedian Particle Size (μm)Comment
DuoMod 5045-550Crosslinked, carboxyl-functionalized


photo of adhesives manufactured with nipol nbr nitrile rubber

Hot polymers are traditionally used in adhesives because they have a highly branched microstructure. This results in increased entanglements between polymer chains, which in turn imparts better heat resistance and grip to the adhesive. Many of the baled adhesive grades are also available in a crumb form to ease the solvation process.

Nipol® NBR-Based Adhesives Technical Briefs:

Suggested Grades

Product Grade% ACNMooney ViscosityFormHot/ColdMedian Particle Size (mm)Cement Viscosity (cps)

Processing Aids

photo of selection of zeon synthetic rubber elastomers

Nipol 1312 and Nipol 1312LV have such low molecular weights that they are actually highly viscous liquids. These grades are often combined with traditional nitrile polymers to reduce compound viscosity and improve the knitting and flow characteristics of the compound. Liquid NBR grades have better property retention than traditional polymeric plasticizers as well as superior extraction resistance due to the fact that they will crosslink into the polymer matrix on vulcanization.

Suggested Grades

Product Grade%ACNViscosity (cps)Specific GravityHot/Cold
AO Type
2820,000 - 30,000
269,000 - 16,000

PVC Modification

ZEON makes many grades of acrylonitrile butadiene copolymers that can enhance the properties of flexible PVC compounds. These products are very easy to incorporate into PVC compounds due to the fact that they are available as a liquid or fine powder. Some of the benefits of introducing NBR as a modifier into a PVC compound include improved mechanical properties, impact resistance, chemical resistance, and low temperature flexibility.

Suggested Grades

Product Grade% ACNFormViscosity (cps)Specific GravityTG (°C) Typical ValueMedian Particle Size (µm)
131228Liquid20,000 - 30,0000.96-39-

Water Resistance

Nipol 1030 series NBR polymers were developed for use in applications requiring long-term resistance to water exposure. Nipol 1030 series polymers have water soluble ash values below 0.1%.


Chart comparing volume change of regular Nipol NBR grades with water-resistance grades

Suggested Grades

Product Grade% ACNMooney ViscositySpecific GravityHot/Cold


Nipol® Nitrile Elastomers (NBR)

Product Grade% ACNMooney ViscosityTg (°C)


Nipol® Carboxylated Nitrile Elastomers (XNBR)

Product Grade% ACNMooney ViscositySpecific GravityHot/ColdAO TypeSpecial Properties / Applications
NX7752735-530.98CNSScorch resistant grade with excellent processing characteristics. Used in high-performance injection molding, rolls, calendered belting, and extruded hose. Carboxyl content is 0.083 EPHR.
10722740-550.98CNSOil-resistant mechanical goods with outstanding abrasion resistance. Carboxyl content is 0.075EPHR.


Nipol® Liquid Nitrile Elastomers

Product Grade% ACNViscosity (cps)Specific GravityHot/ColdAO TypeSpecial Properties / Applications
13122820,000 - 30,0000.96HNSPlasticizer used for nitrile, neoprene and PVC compounds. Improves knitting and flow. May also be used in plastisols and phenolic resins.
1312LV269,000 - 16,0000.96HNSLow viscosity version of Nipol 1312.
1312LVP26-1.12HNSFree flowing powder version of Nipol 1312LV - 72% active on a silica carrier.


Nipol® Nitrile Powder and Crumb Elastomers

Product Grade% ACNMooney ViscosityTG (°C) Typical ValueMedian Particle Size (mm)Partitioning AgentSpecial Properties / Applications
1401LGF4170-90-186.5SilicaGround crumb with silica partitioning agent. Good solubility for use in adhesive applications.
141138·-190.1MineralVery fine crosslinked powder ideal for phenolic resin modification. Widely used in friction products. Contains talc partitioning agent.
1411C38·-190.1Calcium CarbonateVery fine crosslinked powder ideal for phenolic resin modification. Widely used in friction products. Contains calcium carbonate partitioning agent.
14423373-83-259.5MineralCrumb rubber with talc partitioning agent. Used in coal tar and asphalt modification.
1472X2720-35-189.5MineralCarboxylated nitrile crumb with talc partitioning agent, used in epoxy modification, for adhesives and composites.


Zealloy® Modifiers for Thermoplastics

Product Grade% ACNMooney ViscositySpecific GravityTG (°C) Typical ValueMedian Particle Size (µm)Partitioning AgentSpecial Properties / Applications
1422A33·0.98-26100MineralVery fine crosslinked powder used as a flexibilizer for PVC compounds.


Nipol® Polyblends and Oil-Extended Nitrile Elastomers

Product GradeNBR/PVC Ratio% ACNMooney ViscositySpecific GravityPolyblend=PB Pre-plasticized=PPSpecial Properties / Applications
DN508SCR70/303840-501.08PBA fully fluxed NBR/PVC polyblend. Used in hose covers, shoe soles, and cable jackets.
1203WN70/303355-701.07PBA fully fluxed NBR/PVC blend with improved ozone and abrasion resistance. Usedin hose covers, shoe soles, and cable jackets.
DN17170/303066-811.07PBA fully fluxed NBR/PVC blend with improved ozone and abrasion resistance. Used in hose covers, shoe soles, and cable jackets.

Sivic® Polyblends

Product GradeNBR/PVC Ratio% ACNMooney ViscositySpecific GravityPolyblend=PB
Special Properties / Applications
Z76070/304549-6111.07PBHighest ACN content for maximum fuel resistance.
Z74070/304145-5711.08PBHigh ACN content for improved fuel resistance in automotive applications.
Z73070/303366-781.06PBMedium ACN, high viscosity base polymer for improved phyiscal properties and good extrudability. Used for industrial cable and hose.
Z730M6070/303356-681.06PBA low viscosity version of Z730 for faster processing.
Z62060/403348-5811.09PBFuel, ozone, and fire resistant blend for automotive and general-purpose cable, belting, and hose applications.
Z53050/503355-6511.13PBImproved fuel, ozone, and fire resistancefor hose covers, cable jackets,conveyorbelts, and cellular goods.
Z271060/403319-291.09PB/PPPre-plasticized with 70 phr phthalate-free plasticizer. Excellent for low-durometer applications such as soft printing rolls.
Z71170/302862-741.06PBLow ACN base polymer with good extrudability and cold flex properties. Used for industrial and automotive cable and hose applications.
Z711LV70/302857-691.07PBA low viscosity versionof Z711 for faster processing.
Z700PX70/302659-711.06PBCarboxylated NBR base polymer. Improved abrasion resistance for printing rolls, conveyor belts, and shoe soles.
Z70270/302361-731.06PBLowest ACN content for improvedcold flexibility. Automotive and industriaclable, hose and belt applications.

Contact a ZEON technical specialist for more grades or to discuss a specific application, specification, question or request a sample.
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