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Nipol® NBR for Stator Applications

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Oil & Gas Stator Applications

ZEON Product: Nipol® 3640S and 4040S

Primary Industry: Oil & Gas


Our Latest Innovation

Nipol 3640S and Nipol 4040S were developed based on ZEON’s understanding of our customer’s processing and performance requirements for Oil & Gas stators. Stator production is limited if the rubber compound doesn’t flow well or if crosslinking occurs too early in the molding process. Because of this, scorch safety and compound flow were two of the processability metrics that were taken into consideration during the development process.

The plots below show how Nipol 3640S outperforms another 36% ACN, low viscosity polymer in both scorch safety and mold flow.


















One of the leading causes of failure in stator applications is internal heat buildup. Excessive heat leads to the compound breaking down and an eventual loss in pumping efficiency and downtime. One of the most commonly used metrics to measure heat buildup is through tan delta as measured on the RPA. When compared against conventional NBR, Nipol 3640S shows a lower tan delta value over a range of frequencies, indicating lower internal heat buildup and, therefore, suggesting a longer service life.











Specifically developed for stator applications in the oil field industry, these low viscosity polymers aid in processing and offer improved scorch safety. Nipol 3640S and its higher acrylonitrile content version, Nipol 4040S, maximize in-service parameters and are optimized to improve end-use dynamic properties and pumping efficiency. Testing has also shown superior hot water adhesion compared to conventional NBR grades.

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