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HyTemp® ACM Turbo Hoses for Gas Engines

HyTemp ACM


Turbo Hoses for Gas Engines 

ZEON Products: HyTemp® H310X



Application Description:

Hot air intake hoses are an integral component of turbo-charged engines and are exposed to many aggressive elements in service. Key exposures are high heat, acidic and basic fuel condensates, and high pressures.


Zeon Solution:

HyTemp H310X is an HT-ACM based product specifically designed to withstand these extreme conditions. This new polymer is a durable product which meets the demands of advanced, high-performance engines. A third-generation product, HyTemp H310X builds off the successes of its predecessors AR212HR and AR212XP to provide excellent oil, heat and compression set resistance.

HyTemp ACMThese developments have also resulted in an improvement in aged tensile strength retention, meaning longer lasting and improved performance. Compounds based on HyTemp H310X have shown about 10% improvement in original and aged tensile strength (even in aggressive aging conditions).

This polymer is also designed to be cured faster which improves plant efficiencies. None of these improvements have compromised the capability of H310X to provide smooth extrudates with fast extrusion rates, like its predecessor HyTemp AR212XP.