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American Innovators See Growth Opportunities in India

ZEON CHEMICALS experts say technical information "well received"

7/31/2007 - Design and manufacturing with advanced specialty elastomers is predicted to provide the next growth opportunity for India, according to the technical experts at ZEON CHEMICALS, L.P. The Louisville, Kentucky-based company is the United States ’ leading producer of specialty elastomers and a subsidiary of Zeon Corporation of Tokyo, Japan, one of the world’s top polymer producers.

ZEON CHEMICALS representatives have recently returned from a visit to Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Delhi, where they presented information on new, high-performance, high-temperature elastomers including HyTemp ® and Nipol ® AR polyacrylate elastomers (ACMs) and Hydrin ® T5010 polyepichlorohydrin elastomer. Hydrin T5010 is designed to replace or supplement polychloroprene, as it is easier to use and provides superior technical properties.

High levels of interest, expertise

“We’re extremely impressed by the level of technical expertise in the area and we see an enormous growth market in the use of specialty elastomers over the next five to 10 years,” said Tony Luft, director of elastomer sales at ZEON CHEMICALS, L.P.   “The large turnout at our information sessions showed us there is a high level of interest in these elastomers in India.”

As many as 100 people attended the popular presentations, including one to the New Delhi Rubber Group. Luft presented the material along with John Moore, HyTemp Business Manager; Clark Cable, Hydrin Business Manager and Tom Hofer, Nipol Applications Team Leader.

The sessions were developed in conjunction with Eastern Polymer Corporation and Polyplas Associates, ZEON CHEMICALS' two Indian agents, as well as employees of ZEON CHEMICALS' regional headquarters in Singapore and Indian rubber organizations.

India now produces a variety of products that incorporate synthetic rubber, and with the introduction of HyTemp, Hydrin and Nipol, we expect we can grow an even wider range of opportunities,” explained Manjit Singh, Director of Polyplas Associates.

“ZEON has received several interesting leads from this trip, and we believe they will result in increased sales,” said John Stothard, vice president and general manager of ZEON’s Elastomers Division. “This technical information appears to have been extremely well received.”

HyTemp, Hydrin and Nipol are currently used in the United States and elsewhere in the manufacture of automotive parts, high-speed printer rolls and other applications.

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