Nipol ® NBR Elastomers 

Specialty Elastomers - POWDERS

Nipol NBR is produced in a variety of powder and crumb forms with mineral or PVC partitioning agent. The ground crumb and powder forms provide for ease of solubility in adhesive and sealant applications. Nipol 1411 is a very fine crosslinked powder, ideal for phenolic resin modification and is widely used in the friction industry. Zealloy polymer modifiers are designed exclusively for thermoplastic modification and are effective in providing flexibility and impact resistance in PVC formulations.

% ACN Mooney
Viscosity (CPS)
Particle Size (mm)
Hot/Cold Special Properties/Applications
1411 38 N/A N/A 0.1 -19 H Very fine crosslinked powder ideal for phenolic resin modification. Contains talc partitioning agent.
1432 33 75-90 2,000 to 10,000 9.5 -25,-35 C Used in adhesives and coatings. Contains a solution vinyl resin partitioning agent.
1442 33 75-90 2,000 to 10,000 9.5 -25,-35 C Crumb rubber with talc partitioning agent.
1492P80 32 70-85 N/A 2.5 -28 C Non crosslinked coarse powder.
1472HV 27 35-50 100 to 2,000 9.5 -18,-31 C Carboxylated NBR crumb with talc partitioning agent.
1472X 27 20-35 100 to 1,500 9.5 -18,-31 C Carboxylated NBR crumb with talc partitioning agent.
Zealloy 1422 33 N/A N/A 0.1 -26 N/A Very fine crosslinked powder used as flexibilizer for PVC compounds.
Zealloy 1422x14 33 53-68 N/A 2.5 -26 N/A Precrosslinked powder used in PVC and ABS modification.
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