HyTemp ® Polyacrylate Applications


The tackiness of polyacrylates, coupled with good heat and oil resistance, makes HyTemp ideally suited for adhesive, caulk, and sealant applications. The following list comprises major applications of polyacrylates in adhesives areas:

  • Hot Melt
  • Hot Melt Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives
  • Sealant Caulks
  • Sealing Tapes

Polyacrylate, with relatively lower molecular weight, can be dissolved directly in a polar solvent without first milling and without causing any gelling in solvent. HyTemp 4051CG (cement grade) is designed to be directly soluble in MEK, toluene and other solvents without milling. However, milling the elastomer would, as expected, further help in lowering the viscosity.

HyTemp polyacrylate elastomers are used to make high-performance pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) used for holding a wide variety of substrates. The acrylic-based PSAs have excellent heat and chemical resistance and better aging characteristics than other elastomer-based PSAs. They are the choice adhesives in automotives for attaching protective moldings, bumper stripes, identification plates, etc.

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